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  • What are the benefits of registering with Requsyol?

    Requsyol is a reputable, customer-centric recruitment agency with an array of expertise at our disposal. We have in-depth market knowledge and a fantastic industry network. So, we know of many vacancies that are not advertised. That means more opportunities for you! We also manage your application and liaise with the client on your behalf. Additionally, we can evaluate and give feedback on your CV, offer interview advice, and negotiate salaries.

  • I have applied for a vacancy but have not been contacted yet – Why is that?

    We acknowledge all applications registered with us. Once we have a job role suitable for your profile, we will contact you to discuss it. But if you have applied and we have not gotten back to you yet, that means we are still finding the right fit for your skill type. And we will contact you in due course.

  • How do I register with Requsyol?

    If you are looking for job opportunities, you have to be a registered member. To register, click on https://register.requsyol.co.uk/ or apply directly for a job on the job vacancies page.

    On receipt of your registration, a consultant will assess your skills and experience. If your skill set and experience match our criteria and we believe that we can help you, our representative will call you. We will set up an appointment with you to complete your registration as a job seeker with us.

    **Please note: we receive hundreds of CVs and job applications every day. We will only get back to the chosen candidates. We appreciate your patience.**

  • How long does registration take? What documents should I carry with me?

    In your brief onboarding meeting, one of our executives will discuss your work experience, background, educational qualification, skills, and career aspirations. Based on the discussion, we will match you with suitable opportunities at this stage.


    To complete your registration, please carry your Passport, document proving your right to work in the UK, Proof of National Insurance, and Proof of Address with you.

  • Does it cost me anything to register?

    No, at Requsyol, we do not charge any fee to find you suitable employment.

  • Does Requsyol provide visas for overseas workers?

    Requsyol cannot provide any working visas for workers from outside of the UK. All applicants must display their full UK Right to Work documentation.

  • What steps does Requsyol take to ensure the best standard industry practices?

    We follow a zero-tolerance policy to prevent modern-day slavery and human trafficking as a labour provider. Apart from policy-making and deployment, it is also vital to take adequate steps to ensure that all our employees are protected from it. That’s why we take stringent measures to minimise the risk to our registered employees.

    • We conduct video interviews of all candidates. Before onboarding, all documents are reviewed and verified by our staff.
    • Every job application includes detailed information related to modern-day slavery.
    • Our in-house staff is trained to identify signs of slavery. We provide a safe working environment for our job seekers and employees to approach us with their concerns.
    • All our workers have a brochure containing contact information for confidential support and resources about slavery and human trafficking.
    • We ensure payslips are generated and shared with employees via email or online portal.
    • All workers are paid via BACS into their bank accounts or their partners. Only in rare circumstances do we pay by personal cheques.