About Us


Requsyol Ltd is an HR company made to solve your Recruitment, HR or payroll problems immediately! We were established on the revolutionary notion that every company should have access to a cost-effective human resource manager.

Since 2019, we have been committed to assisting clients in strengthening and streamlining their operations. Our proven management strategies help companies in better risk and expense management. With us on your team, you will get instant HR infrastructure that will significantly boost the efficiency and profitability of your company.

As experts in HR management service provision, we are dedicated to managing our clients’ resources. Offering our expertise with honesty, integrity, and transparency. We offer leaders of emerging businesses the knowledge, tools, and unrivalled HR resources needed to help them grow and flourish. With established businesses, we aid growth and stability by ensuring a constant supply of staff.

Our Mission

Requsyol’s mission is to provide top-tier services to businesses of all sizes. We believe that companies should have the opportunity to spend less time managing employee relations and worrying about HR compliance and regulations and spend more time on initiatives that improve their bottom line.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver the best human resource services to all companies we work with while adhering to our high professionalism, quality, and standards. This entails keeping up with changing norms, rules, and job markets. Our careful balancing of internal HR standards and the retention of expert personnel contribute to the organization’s success.

We help companies to sustain success